When you by means of search facilities of the Home page (see above) have found the relative of interest, you will find a variety of information and search possibilities on his personal page. Again, many facilities are self-explanatory, but it may be useful for you to know the following:

The tabs Ancestors and Descendants offers fine opportunities to see his family tables.

The Relationship tab allows you to see how the person is related to yourself or to another relative.

Remember that personal information may not be up to date at all times. Most data on living relatives are from Tingleff Navnebogen (Tingleff Name Book) release 2001, and can only be viewed when logged on the system.

From tab Suggest you can suggest corrections including updates of the information.

Contact Us link on the Home page may be used if you want to add new relatives or are in doubt about the understanding or use of the pages and options.

Guestbook link on the Home page may be used if you just want to send a greeting to the family. Press on Write and fill in Navn (your name), E-mail, your greeting and press the button Send forespørgsel (Send message).


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