Home provides access to as number of links and of search options. Most of the functions are self explanatory.

Log in can be used only when / if you have received a password by typing here.

Photos offer opportunity to see a slide show consisting of all photos, when you press on a random photo. As a new page appears you will see a horizontal thin brown line above the photo with the text: 'Start Slide Show'.

Family Stories provides access to a range of often very large stories on the family life of all times.

Search can be exercised as follows: The round botton provides direct access to a listing of more than 3100 relatives. The two small triangles in the list headers sort the list in name order or in date of birth order.

Advanced Search provides access to search names, places, dates etc. Beware of spelling. Spelling was quite uncertain especially in the 1800 years and before.

Surnames give you - naturally enough - access to search for the person's surname.

First Name and Last name of a particular relative can be searched from Home. (Write the name and type on the round button). Remember the following advices when you search using the above facilities:

If just one letter of the name is wrong, you will not get the desired result. In case of doubts, write only the (continuous) letters, you are certain of, or search first on one spelling form, then on a second spelling form etc. If there is only uncertainty about a few letters of the name, you can replace these letters with percent signs. For example 'Pe%ersen'.


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