Tingleff families
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In all exist five independent Tingleff families of which the family from Vonsild constitute more than 80 % of all living name bearers. The Family Stories concerning all five families can be seen here.

Two of the descendants are John Riel Nielsen and Svend Tingleff , who constitute the editors of this site as webmaster respectively provider.

Some of the information on living relatives is confidential and is only available for relatives with a password. Such a password, however, is easily to get here.

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The photo shows a lot of descendants of the Tingleff family from Vonsild. It is taken
on March 26, 1951 from the golden wedding celebration of Peder Tinglev
(Peter Tingleff) and Andrea Marie born Johansen. At the same time it
was a silver wedding celebration for their son Christian Tingleff
and Gudrun born Jakobsen.

Some of the participants are identified.
If you click on the picture, you will see a bigger photo from which you may learn
the name of the family member by bringing the cursor to his/hers face.
We would be thrilled if you can help to identify more family members and send the names to us.